Make The Most of Your Media

Time was, media producers put all their effort into completing media. They spent months and years producing TV shows and movies and photographs and paintings and CDs, and when they finally released their work and it was seen (or heard) by an audience that was considered the end of the cycle. The work was complete.... Continue Reading →

David Suzuki Gets It Right @ Occupy Vancouver

I have been talking about the need for leadership from the digital sphere to offer new models and strategies for the Occupy movement, strategies that are not reactive and not based on 'fixing' the existing financial system. But we also need leadership from oral elders who can reorient the Occupy movement away from self-defeating aims... Continue Reading →

Occupy The Internet!

The OWS movement keeps growing. More and more people keep celebrating resistance, protesting against corporate greed, getting arrested, speechifying, and making excellent media. Yesterday some Egyptians who had been involved in the Tahrir Square revolution put in an appearance and further stoked the flames of inspiration. Huzzah! Yet I worry. For all their energy, the... Continue Reading →

Students talk IP @ New School

I just came from an interesting if perplexing session led by 4 New School students as part of Mobility Shifts. I didn't see the whole presentation but I did catch a discussion focused on Intellectual property and these students' desire to promote more 'open source' approaches at The New School. It was perplexing because while... Continue Reading →

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