Lintotineh! Bemagatineh! Gesultineh!

A few days ago I had a blast playing with the amazing Alan Gerber, a truly masterful artist who not only writes and sings great songs and plays sensational slide guitar, rocking boogie-woogie piano, folksy fiddle, and fine fingerpicking acoustic guitar, but is also as funny a musician onstage as I've ever seen. It's no... Continue Reading →

Free Bradley Manning!

Just a reminder that this courageous boy has been held in solitary confinement for over 8 months without charge by Obama's government and against the Geneva Convention, without the right to meet with a lawyer in private, and without clothes for much of that time. Why? For showing the world what democracy looks like. Free... Continue Reading →

John Giorno & R.E.M. Make Love

John Giorno is one of my favourite people on earth and R.E.M. is one of my favourite bands so when I discovered that the last single by R.E.M. features John Giorno I had to share it. John Giorno is an extraordinary person, as full of power and love as any poet alive. I've been lucky... Continue Reading →

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