Books by John Sobol



(Groundwood Books, 2020)

Born cover

“In dreamy poetry and paintings, this gentle book is a lyrical and loving tribute to an unborn child as she waits to be introduced to the world.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The combination of Sobol’s words and Derby’s illustrations together make a thoroughly captivating story.”
Canadian Materials

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Friend or Foe
(Groundwood Books, 2016)


“A quiet, thoughtful narrative for all readers who like to wonder.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A charming modern-day fable, without a simplistic moral, about what makes for and what undoes the sense of otherness.”

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You Are Your Media
Making Sense of the 21st Century


You Are Your Media is a book about communication. And a book about technology. It is above all a book about communication technology. About how the tools we use to talk to one another shape our worlds. This is a book that asks new questions and offers new answers. It explains clearly how and why You Are Your Media, and why that knowledge matters.

You Are Your Media is a sequel to Digitopia Blues – Race, Technology and the American Voice

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Digitopia Blues
Race, Technology and the American Voice
(Banff Centre Press, 2002)


“Briskly paced and superbly written, Digitopia Blues … begs to be read, and what’s more, it begs to be discussed.”
Georgia Straight

“Digitopia Blues is a cutting edge, highly recommended look at an American popular culture of the future.”
Midwest Book Review

“One outstanding feature of this book is the infectious quality of the author’s passion for the music and poetry he writes about”
Paul Dutton, CODA Magazine

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AWOL Love Vibe’s Exstatic Almanac
A Book of Daze
(Book + CD) Insomniac Press, 1997)


“The truth is that AWOL Love Vibe is a three-man urban assault team that will dramatically change the way you listen to poetry…Together they form three points of an equilateral triangle. Each equal in intensity, honesty and dedication yet each exploring the extremes of vocal communication from a different vantage point…Like the good-natured fools of yore, the three wise storytellers mesmerize us with their amazing wordplay and good humour. They incorporate everything you have ever seen or heard about poetry and public performance, multiply it by the power of three, and mold it into new polyvocal combinations.” The Gleaner

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Tony Hillerman
A Public Life
(ECW Press, 1995)


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A New View of the City
(ECW Press, 1992)


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