A few years back a good friend of mine lamented to me that he had wasted good money on a bad consultant.

“You pay them big money to tell you what you already know,” he complained. And having hired my share of consultants over the years I know he’s not wrong. It can definitely happen.

But sometimes a really good consultant makes a huge difference. And a great consultant can leave you wondering why you didn’t hire him or her a lot sooner.

I’m talking about someone who doesn’t tell you stuff you already know but instead proposes new possibilities, with practical suggestions and production parameters to keep things grounded in the feasible, not the fantastic.

Someone who has a wealth of real experience doing real work in dozens of real organizations, with concrete examples and hard-won lessons to share to help you avoid mistakes and capitalize on meaningful opportunities.

Someone that speaks plainly and candidly, getting to the point, wasting nobody’s time and making the most of every encounter and engagement.

That kind of consultant does exist, I assure you.

If you want to work with one, just say hello!