Digital Transformation happens when an organization rooted in literate values rethinks its processes, products and even purpose from the ground up to reflect the fundamentally different values of networked culture.

It’s a big change. And not one to take lightly. Indeed, under normal circumstances, no organization in its right mind would attempt such an ambitious reinvention.

But these are not normal circumstances. We are living in exceptional times. Can you imagine that 15 years ago smart phones did not exist, while today 5 billion people use them to manage nearly every aspect of their lives?

Every institution is being transformed by technology.

That’s why if you’re not already thinking about Digital Transformation, you should be.

But if you think that digital transformation is mostly about machines, you’re wrong.  It’s mostly about people. Because organizational processes, products and purposes can’t be successfully transformed unless the people managing that transformation are themselves willing to learn and change.

For nearly 20 years I have been helping organizations develop an actionable understanding of digital culture.

I’m still looking ahead, and still helping others find their way to a fruitful future.

Let me give you a hand