What I learned at SXSW Interactive 2015

Madness. SXSW Interactive is utter madness. 75,000 people, 400 scheduled conference sessions a day, just one poor brain and one weak body to drag back and forth, into which only so many ideas and contacts and information and free food and liquor can be poured before you break down and beg for mercy. "Please, just... Continue Reading →

Outlaw Instagrammers and Interactivism

I believe that the most potent social practice in the 21st century is interactivism, i.e. the intentional design and implementation of narrative feedback loops between the material and virtual worlds. I have written about several such feedback loops in previous posts on this blog, including: Array of Words and the Manilla Street Kid Digital Gift... Continue Reading →

Happy 2014 Update

Blogs ebb and flow like the tide, and this one is now flowing again. Here's a quick update about some recent activities as well as some of what I will be up to in 2014. Of course The Media League has been my main focus, with season 2 in full swing and producing some very... Continue Reading →

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