PP (Personal Pandemic – An Opera)

Sometime next spring I look forward to the launch of my new opera, tentatively called PP (Personal Pandemic), which is being co-created with Tim Brady and a host of other cool folks, including co-directors Ayam Sabah and Olivia McGilchrist. The opera was commissioned By Eldad Tsabary of Concordia University, as the first of 5 topical operas to be created as part of his RISE project.

This is the 3rd opera that Tim and I have worked on together (he as composer and I as librettist) and we are both very psyched. PP (Personal Pandemic) will be groundbreaking in a lot of ways, as it will not just be about the meaning and impact of COVID-19, but it will also be created remotely by both the singers and musicians, and presented remotely too. I guarantee you this will be a whole new kind of opera experience, digitally-driven and absolutely out of the box.

As soon as I have some visuals to share, I’ll post one or two. And there’s a website coming. Very exciting!

While we’re here, this is the poster for the first opera Tim and I created together:

A poster for an opera, The Salome Dancer, I created with composer Tim Brady, 2005

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