Strategic Consulting

I’ve worked as a Digital Strategist and writer-for-hire for over 25 years. My specialty is maximizing the power of collaborative storytelling to achieve social and business impacts using genuinely innovative digital strategies.

Sometimes I have done so working client-side, like when I was the Manager of Brand and Digital Strategy at the Canada Council for the Arts (2014-2017) or the Director of Publications and Web at the Design Exchange (2002-2004).

Other times I did so as a senior consultant for digital agencies, like 76design (2006-2009), The Jonah Group (2010-2011) and the Convergence Consulting Group (1997-2004), creating and executing strategies for dozens of clients.

Sometimes I created my own startups, like Globalhood (1999-2002) and The Media League (2012-2015).

Often I was a freelancer working directly with clients of all kinds. And to a certain extent I still am, usually working with arts orgs and other not-for-profits. A few of my recent clients have included:

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