Radicalizing Kids

A couple of weeks ago I was at Toronto Digifest. It's a festival I actually co-directed for several years in the early 00s but which has been dormant since 2005. It has now been started up again by its original founder, Luigi Ferrara. I was curious to see what it would be like and so... Continue Reading →

Students talk IP @ New School

I just came from an interesting if perplexing session led by 4 New School students as part of Mobility Shifts. I didn't see the whole presentation but I did catch a discussion focused on Intellectual property and these students' desire to promote more 'open source' approaches at The New School. It was perplexing because while... Continue Reading →

iDC post #2: DIY: nightmare for humanities, social sciences, media

As previously mentioned, I post regularly to the terrific Institute for Distributed Creativity listserv, and have started cross-posting my contributions there to this blog. Here is yesterday's post, in response to George Siemen's post titled: DIY: nightmare for humanities, social sciences, media. The entire thread can be found here: https://lists.thing.net/pipermail/idc/2011-September/thread.html Hi George, well, first of... Continue Reading →

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