Phone Hacking and the Future of Privacy

I have been keeping tabs on the Leveson Inquiry in the UK, which continues to deliver the most astonishing insights into contemporary media culture and its effect on the lives of British citizens. Today's testimony was perhaps the most remarkable yet, although its hard to measure degrees of amazement when almost every witness offers mind-boggling... Continue Reading →

Phone Hacking and Digital Culture

If you've spent any time watching the live feed provided by The Guardian you will surely agree that the Leveson Inquiry into British Press ethics, practices and culture is the most riveting public inquiry since Watergate. I mean, you've got the most famous, the most beautiful, the most tragic, the most scarred and the most... Continue Reading →

Lintotineh! Bemagatineh! Gesultineh!

A few days ago I had a blast playing with the amazing Alan Gerber, a truly masterful artist who not only writes and sings great songs and plays sensational slide guitar, rocking boogie-woogie piano, folksy fiddle, and fine fingerpicking acoustic guitar, but is also as funny a musician onstage as I've ever seen. It's no... Continue Reading →

John Giorno & R.E.M. Make Love

John Giorno is one of my favourite people on earth and R.E.M. is one of my favourite bands so when I discovered that the last single by R.E.M. features John Giorno I had to share it. John Giorno is an extraordinary person, as full of power and love as any poet alive. I've been lucky... Continue Reading →

David Suzuki Gets It Right @ Occupy Vancouver

I have been talking about the need for leadership from the digital sphere to offer new models and strategies for the Occupy movement, strategies that are not reactive and not based on 'fixing' the existing financial system. But we also need leadership from oral elders who can reorient the Occupy movement away from self-defeating aims... Continue Reading →

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