Revolutionary Wachowski Series Sense8 Triggers Media Blackout

As of this writing, a week after the release of the extraordinary Sense8 Christmas special on Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes lists only 5 reviews of the show. Barely enough to trigger the Tomatometer. This is ridiculous and needs explaining. For by rights this mind-expanding, action-packed and shockingly beautiful adrenalin shot of television should be widely celebrated and…Read more Revolutionary Wachowski Series Sense8 Triggers Media Blackout

Donald Trump and the Immaturity of OS3 Politics

Oral Culture = OS1      Literate Culture = OS2      Networked Culture = OS3 The rise of Donald Trump can be usefully understood as a product of the disruptive collision of oral, literate and digital cultures, or what I call OS1, OS2 and OS3, aka the Operating Systems (OS) of human civilization. That collision is the defining…Read more Donald Trump and the Immaturity of OS3 Politics

Making Meaning Around the World

What does a book mean in Cuba? A cell phone in Iran? What do the millions of miles of fibreoptic cable wound round the earth mean to you, to me? How are those meanings changing? How are our changing tools changing our world? Changing us? These questions concern artists in every corner of the world,…Read more Making Meaning Around the World

Kim Dotcom’s Amnesia = Media Warfare (Dancefloor Style)

In New Zealand, electronic-bracelet-wearing Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has gone on the offensive again, launching a new dance video produced by Black Eyed Peas' musical director Printz Board that directly attacks John Banks, the NZ cabinet minister whom Dotcom claims asked for – and received – an anonymous and illegal $50,000 campaign donation from him.…Read more Kim Dotcom’s Amnesia = Media Warfare (Dancefloor Style)

Latest Leveson News & Analysis

I have been irregularly blogging about the extraordinary Leveson Inquiry into media ethics in the UK, that has to date resulted in the arrest of dozens of journalists and editors, the overnight shuttering of the UK's largest newspaper, the resignations and possible prosecution of the number 1 and 2 policemen in the nation, the resignation…Read more Latest Leveson News & Analysis

Larrikin Music + Copyright = R.I.P. Greg Ham

EDIT to this post: as you'll see if you check the comments to this post, someone has informed me that in fact the Girl Scouts/Guides had nothing to do with the suing of Men at Work and in fact it was an Australian publishing company called Larrikin Music that pursued the suit. I apologize to…Read more Larrikin Music + Copyright = R.I.P. Greg Ham

Conversations – Che & Abe

This has been a busy time, with some long-term artistic projects coming to fruition and others popping up out of the blue. I like to track these on this blog, although it does seem like recently most of my writing here has been about various artistic projects and less about ideas and current events, which…Read more Conversations – Che & Abe