Donald Trump and the Immaturity of OS3 Politics

Oral Culture = OS1      Literate Culture = OS2      Networked Culture = OS3 The rise of Donald Trump can be usefully understood as a product of the disruptive collision of oral, literate and digital cultures, or what I call OS1, OS2 and OS3, aka the Operating Systems (OS) of human civilization. That collision is the defining…Read more Donald Trump and the Immaturity of OS3 Politics

Moses Znaimer – TVTV

Back in 1991 I was hired to write and perform a poem about television for the opening of Moses Znaimer's 3-hour history of television called TVTV. We shot an amazing sequence in front of MuchMusic with my Poetry Band, which at that time featured trombonist Tom Walsh, drummer Paul Fitterer and bassist Ben Carlsson. Looking…Read more Moses Znaimer – TVTV