Ottawa’s Feral Choir : skyrrxifliggrzbtnmlif

Thanks Max. Thanks Phil. Max is Max Middle, poetic curator, and Phil is Phil Minton, veteran vocal confabulator from the land beyond the sea and maestro of Ottawa's briefly resplendent Feral Choir, which I was part of, one of 25 growling, howling vocalists in sensible shoes. (Nikes in my case. Phil wore Chinese slippers.)  We…Read more Ottawa’s Feral Choir : skyrrxifliggrzbtnmlif

Latest Leveson News & Analysis

I have been irregularly blogging about the extraordinary Leveson Inquiry into media ethics in the UK, that has to date resulted in the arrest of dozens of journalists and editors, the overnight shuttering of the UK's largest newspaper, the resignations and possible prosecution of the number 1 and 2 policemen in the nation, the resignation…Read more Latest Leveson News & Analysis

No News Corp. is good news … or is it?

As regular readers of this blog will know, I believe we are living through a profound cultural crisis as digital culture (OS3) undermines and overthrows literate culture (OS2). My new book, You Are Your Media, tracks this conflict across many different social spheres, from food to architecture to business and beyond. Remarkably, we can see…Read more No News Corp. is good news … or is it?

Phone Hackers vs Facebook – the Future of Privacy Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the Future of Privacy in light of the ongoing Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking by journalists in England. But in another courtoom on the other side of the Atlantic yesterday, Facebook was being held accountable for its massive invasions of privacy. Specifically, the American Federal Trade Commission concluded that Facebook deceived…Read more Phone Hackers vs Facebook – the Future of Privacy Part 2

Phone Hacking and the Future of Privacy

I have been keeping tabs on the Leveson Inquiry in the UK, which continues to deliver the most astonishing insights into contemporary media culture and its effect on the lives of British citizens. Today's testimony was perhaps the most remarkable yet, although its hard to measure degrees of amazement when almost every witness offers mind-boggling…Read more Phone Hacking and the Future of Privacy

Giving, Giving, Gone – A Gift Edition Update

I have been writing a lot about gifts so far in this blog. Partly because I think Public Gifting and Gift Economies are important practices in the digital OS3 world, just as they are in the oral OS1 world. Also because I am publicly giving away gifts myself. Specifically I am giving away copies of…Read more Giving, Giving, Gone – A Gift Edition Update