Here are a few of the videos that I have directed, written or been featured in:

Battles or Bridges (December 1, 2016)
This is a new video I made with my children, Louis and Sophie, and my nephew Julian Clarke. Shot (and edited) by Tomi Grgicevic at House of Common, Ottawa, ON on August 29, 2016. The text is mine…

…The future is ours.

Escape Artists (1998)
This is a video documenting a street culture festival in Toronto called Planet Struck that Dave Redfern, Suzanne Thompson and I created in 1998. I also directed this video that was shot by a group of 12 street youth during the festival.

The Media League – Hall of Fame Video Season 2 (2013-14)
I was the co-founder and Commissioner of The Media League, a start-up that inspired hundreds of high school artists from across North America to create and share some truly amazing work. I put the best of season 2 together in this wicked video ( for more).

TVTV (1992)
Here is the opening sequence of Moses Znaimer’s epic 4-hour history of TV, for which I was commissioned to write a poem about television. Here I am performing it with my John Sobol Poetry Band on Queen street in front of MuchMusic…

Phone Sax (2011)
A video shot at a solo performance at Casa del Popolo in Montreal. (Sorry about the audio!!)

The New Music: Action Poetry ’94 (1994)

This is a segment produced by MuchMusic’s flagship show, The New Music, at a massive spoken word residency that I organized and directed at The Banff Centre for the Arts.

Salmon Skin – AWOL Love Vibe (1995)
AWOL Love Vibe performing Salmon Skin.

This performance was recorded in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in or around 1995. This early AWOL Love Vibe gig was a benefit for Jane Goodall, who was present. Featuring Kedrick James (left) Alex Ferguson (centre) and John Sobol.

Treehouse Talk: Know Your Media – Know Your Self
A talk I gave at the Toronto Reference Library in 2012 as part of an excellent series called Treehouse Talks.