You Are Your Media Workshops

led by John Sobol

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If You Are In Business, Then You Are In The Media Business

For Businesses

If you do business in the 21st century then you are in the media business whether you like it or not. Find out how emerging digital values and behaviours are impacting your customers, your organization and your bottom line. Discover what kind of media business you currently operate – oral, literate or digital – then learn how to proactively take control of your media to ensure sustainability and profitably in our increasingly digital world.

“I’ve worked with several dozen communications professionals over my 14 years in the business. None has captured my attention, sparked my creativity, or contributed to my learning of new communications techniques quite like John.”

Managing Director, Publicis Consultants

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Know Your Media – Know Your Self

For Lifelong Learners

The media we use for work and play shape our personalities, our professions and even our relationships. But different media influence us in very different ways. Discover how our dominant media cultures – oral, literate and digital – are in conflict with one another, and how those conflicts affect our personal choices and professional lives. Find out which media cultures you belong to and learn how to apply that knowledge to decrease stress, discover opportunities and meet personal goals.

“Digitopia Blues is a cutting edge, highly recommended look at an American popular culture of the future.” The Midwest Book Review on John Sobol’s book Digitopia Blues – Race, Technology and the American Voice (Banff Centre Press)

“Sometimes he’s a storyteller, sometimes he’s a philosopher, sometimes he’s a beat poet or an a cappella singer, and sometimes he’s simply this really interesting and intelligent guy having a chinwag with us, his audience friends. 4 stars.” 
The Edmonton Sun reviewing John Sobol’s one-man show, 2 Million Years of Technology.

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