I have written extensively for virtually every medium and can be hired to write for you.

5 of my books have been published by 4 different publishers, the most recent being Friend or Foe by Groundwood Books.

I have written numerous television documentaries, including In Workshop (a series of 6 documentaries on Canadian theatre companies) and The Genius of Lenny Breau, which won a Gemini Award for the Best Canadian Arts Documentary (co-writer). I also wrote both children’s animated TV programs such as Pippi Longstocking and Highlander and live action programs like Under the Umbrella Tree.

I have published hundreds of articles in newspapers (primarily The Montreal Gazette and Toronto Star) and magazines (Downbeat, Shambala Sun, Bordercrossings, This Magazine, Canadian Geographic, Cinema Canada, etc.).

I was a Story Producer for the CBC’s national radio program The Vicky Gabereau Show and have written the libretti for two operas produced in Montreal and Stratford.

I have also written more strategic reports, press releases, grant proposals, curriculae, marketing plans, curatorial statements, RFPs, op-eds, speeches, ads and other documents than I can possibly remember.

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