Happy Birth Day!

Today is my birthday and I am feeling good. Not just because I can be thankful for another year of relatively good health, a loving family and a peaceful, prosperous homeland, but also because with this blog post I am kicking off an exciting new phase of my professional life. Giving birth, if you will, not just to this new blog but also to my new book, You Are Your Media, and to the whole You Are Your Media masterplan.

This summer, after years of hands-on research, I hit a rich narrative vein and my 5th book, You Are Your Media is the result. 75,000 very carefully chosen words that present a radically new cultural analysis of technology that is directly relevant to your life, your business and your planet. This blog is a complement to that book, and vice versa. As they are both to my expanding career as a public speaker.

Now those of you who know me will know that I have been an author, speaker and web guy for many, many years, so this is not all new. But sorting, streamlining and strategically aligning my ideas and activities in this way is new. And i am seriously pumped!

This multi-mediated approach is also an expression of the ideas in You Are Your Media, which encourage exactly this kind of coordinated bridge-building between media-cultures. So with this new birthday present to myself I am putting my money where my mouth (and my book and my computer) is…er are.

If you click on The Book in the menu above you can read an introduction to the main ideas in You Are Your Media. In each subsequent blog post I will be exploring and experimenting with those ideas. Sometimes as writing. Sometimes as video or music. And often – I hope – as conversation. I really hope you will follow me and stop by to comment once in a while.

So thanks for checking in. I’ll be back every day with new ideas and analysis explaining how You Are Your Media.

Now it’s time for some cake!

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