Digital Strategy Funding – Are You Ready?

Did you know that over the next 4 years 88 million new federal dollars will be granted to Canadian arts organizations to develop and implement digital strategies? In fact, the Canada Council just announced that the deadline for its 2017-18 Digital Strategy Fund will be October 25, 2017. Are you ready?

For theatres, galleries, publishers, performers and other arts orgs wishing to engage our networked world more creatively (and effectively!) this represents an enormous opportunity to grow, to learn and to succeed.


You need resources to get serious about digital. You need gear, you need time, you need new ideas, new skills and probably some new (preferably young!) people. Do you have what you need to transition your organization successfully to the digital age? This new funding opportunity can help you to grow.


You need understanding to go digital and not get lost. You need clear a destination and an up-to-date map of both the present and the future. Did you know that 65% of all enterprise technology implementations fail? Your digital strategy can help meet organizational objectives but only if you know what you are doing, and why. This new funding opportunity can help you to learn.


Success is the true measuring stick of any digital strategy, but today that measuring stick is networked, and interim analytics can (and should!) guide you to success. What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? The networked world is agile and responsive and rewards iteration. Be transparent about trying and invite users to co-create your shared success. It’s easier than it sounds. This new funding opportunity can help you to succeed.

I can too. Arts+digital is what I do. Drop me a line. I’m happy to talk.

– Original photo of Kontinuum, by Moment Factory, Ottawa 2017


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