Public Gifting in Wellington West

Two weeks ago I played a role in a terrific local festival called Taste of Wellington West whose centrepiece is a massive public gifting event. This year 36 different independent local restaurants, bakeries and food shops gave out tens of thousands of free food samples to thousands of visitors throughout the afternoon. It is partly... Continue Reading →

Killer Cows and You

Not many people know that cows are killers. Or rather, cow milk. But yes, according to the Canadian Government, the milk that comes out of a healthy cow is toxic and we must at all costs be protected from it. Welcome to the OS2 world. Farmer Michael Schmidt of Durham Ontario is just one of... Continue Reading →

iDC post #2: DIY: nightmare for humanities, social sciences, media

As previously mentioned, I post regularly to the terrific Institute for Distributed Creativity listserv, and have started cross-posting my contributions there to this blog. Here is yesterday's post, in response to George Siemen's post titled: DIY: nightmare for humanities, social sciences, media. The entire thread can be found here: Hi George, well, first of... Continue Reading →

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