Public Gifting in Wellington West

Two weeks ago I played a role in a terrific local festival called Taste of Wellington West whose centrepiece is a massive public gifting event. This year 36 different independent local restaurants, bakeries and food shops gave out tens of thousands of free food samples to thousands of visitors throughout the afternoon. It is partly a marketing strategy to offer a taste of our community’s commercial character but also a very real ‘giving back’ that demonstrates its generous spirit as well. I am writing about it partly because I was directly involved but also because this is yet another great example of the power of Public Gifting, a subject I have written about here and here in this blog. Taste of Wellington West was organized by the Wellington West BIA.

My role at this event was to drive around a fabulous old baby blue pickup truck that served as a portable stage for local merchants to publicly show off their creativity and knowledge, another form of public generosity. I had a PA system and MC’d these events as well, with the help of my daughter the excellent 12-year old roadie! We hosted a spelling bee, a tea party, two fashion shows, a weaving demonstration, a pair of concerts, an orchid workshop and an organic cooking demonstration! Here are a few pics of the fabulous event…

Me modelling one-of-a-kind aprons from Heavens to Betsy with local supermodels Jen and Vicky!

The weaving demo with Bridget at Flock

and last but not least giving out raffle prizes with Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson at the Carleton Tavern

Long live Public Gifting!

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