Wall Street Occupied by Interactivists

Wall Street is Fort Monologue. It is an epicentre of literate capitalism, an ivory tower without ears to hear. It is a paper palace divorced from all experience, from suffering and compassion, from love and joy. It is rule of ledgers. Rule of policies and laws. Rule of dividends and debt, all defined on and by paper. It is a monological fortress. A one-way broadcaster broadcasting control of the earth, turning processes into property, communities into colonies, and just dreams into just dust.

The occupation of Wall Street is the revolt of dialogical culture against its monological masters. It is an Interactivist occupation because it bridges oral and digital cultures, yoking their common dialogical cores to create a sustainable feedback loop, a spiralling engagement of real bodies creating real meaning and real relationships in real time yet reaching beyond time and space over digital networks to attract and engage global actors, who are physically drawn to the locus of revolt, adding their living voices, their own global networks and their rising courage to the mix, creating yet more meaning, yet more media, and yet more pressure on deaf systems to make way for a dialogical future based on sustainable relationships and not on paper profit.

Like these 700 airline pilots, who decided to join the protests a couple of days ago:

and now these people are joining too:
NYC Transit Union Votes To Join Wall Street Protest

Just look at the tools beyond used in these protests:

Here is the People’s Microphone, protesters and passers by repeating everything that is said collectively to root understanding in spoken self and in spoken collectivity, and to amplify courage, amplify reach and amplify power. (Even if it is a bit clunky as a technology, at least the way it is done by this unpracticed group…)

Meanwhile protesters are using the Vibe app to share local info anonymously, a radical digital micro-broadcasting tool that transcends time, space and identity…


And of course protesters are also using that hyper-efficient dialogical tool called the Internet:

So the spiral is expanding, the protests are growing, and the feedback loop between oral dialogues and virtual dialogues continues to gain momentum and centrifugal force as it circles around Wall Street’s monological towers.

This is exactly the same process as occurred in the Arab Spring, resulting in the overthrow of monological political dictatorships in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Libya…

What are these protests leading to…?

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