Midsommar’s Horrifying Mirror of Truth

It was, strangely enough, Greta Gerwig's delightful Little Women, that cinematic ne plus ultra of wholesome domesticity, that tempted me to watch Midsommar, a 'horror' film whose breathless reviewers were united in calling 'disturbing' and 'bizarre'. More accurately it was Florence Pugh that drew me to Midsommar. Her performance as Amy in Little Women was... Continue Reading →

Happy 2014 Update

Blogs ebb and flow like the tide, and this one is now flowing again. Here's a quick update about some recent activities as well as some of what I will be up to in 2014. Of course The Media League has been my main focus, with season 2 in full swing and producing some very... Continue Reading →

Media League Championship Countdown – Day 1

Wow. What an exciting game filled with talented young artists and enthusiastic fans of their awesome artworks. That's what The Media League is all about! With a little over 24 hours left JP Stevens (28,965 points) has extended its league after regaining it from Power On (22,773 points) 2 days ago. Meanwhile North Point High... Continue Reading →

Goodbye to Jayne Cortez

Great poets are warriors. Jayne Cortez, who died on December 28th 2012, was a great poet and a great warrior. Were the world under attack and a champion needed to stand for us, I'd have taken Jayne over the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger any day, remaking life and death and every hopeful or violent human... Continue Reading →

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