Rakestar CD Launch

New Music Alert! 10 years or so ago I was asked to come jam by a lanky fellow named Rory. I didn’t know what to expect. Would we play Stones tunes? Jazz standards? Funk? Blues? To my surprise Rory – a drummer – just wanted to play. Free jazz. A beloved idiom but not one that you expect strangers to prefer. But blow we did, and it was a blast. Before long I was introduced to the rest of Rory’s mighty mob, with whom we formed the 3rd incarnation of Rakestar Arkestra and began playing around town. The band is rooted in the tunes and ethos of Sun Ra, though we have some originals too. And now, all these years and gigs later an album is born. Thanks to Rory for driving this spacetrain and to Don for being the organist/engineer. Many good times and great people. Have a listen. Space awaits…

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