Happy 2014 Update

magazine-ad-2014-seasonBlogs ebb and flow like the tide, and this one is now flowing again. Here’s a quick update about some recent activities as well as some of what I will be up to in 2014.

Of course The Media League has been my main focus, with season 2 in full swing and producing some very exciting results. Game 1 was called Money Talks, Game 2 was (We Are) Animals and Game 3 – Invent Your School just kicked off. In February Game 4 will be The Blues, which I expect to be very funky indeed.

But still I’ve found time for some gigs, notably with the wonderful soul singer Maria Hawkins, with whom I continue to work regularly. Maria is absolutely dynamite, channeling Etta James like nobody’s business. pitstalksnov2013fullAnd there have been occasional poetry gigs as well, and a few weeks back a lecture at Peterborough’ Market Hall called On Sharing Digital Culture is Addressing Wicked Social and Environmental Problems, which yielded an excellent question and and answer session.

This year I’m happy to report that I’ll have a children’s book published by Groundwood Books, one of the most respected children’s publisher’s in Canada. That’s exciting. It will be called Friend or Foe. I’ve also completed a young adult novel that I’m shopping around. It features fun stuff like a murder, a bunch of YouTube videos and some very cool teens.

The Record Player 1 pager Tomorrow I leave for Waterloo where I’ll be taking part in a workshop for my new opera, called The Record Player. Tim Brady is the composer and Anne-Marie Donovan is the director and her company, Interarts Matrix is the producer. We’ve all worked together many times over the years, notably on our previous opera, The Salome Dancer, and it’s great to be in such excellent company. The Record Player is an opera about recorded sound featuring a DJ as narrator and a cast of characters that includes Sun Ra, Yoko Ono and Robert Johnson!

Oh and I have been doing strategic consulting and freelance writing for various clients like Banfield Seguin and The Jonah Group. Drop me a line if you need my help or just want to talk.

And may 2014 be a great year for all of us!

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