I launch my new band: John Sobol’s Sound Bytes!

Avant-Garde Bar promo-wCJ

Life as a husband and dad, creative professional, entrepreneur, author and member of other people’s bands has meant that getting my own band back together has taken me longer than I ever thought it would. But at long last the train has left the station I am one happy conductor. Our first gig is Saturday February 1st at the Avant-Garde Bar in Ottawa.

I spent ages trying to figure out which of the many terrific musicians I play with in this or that context I would ask to be in this band, but in the end I was stumped by navigating everything I already knew. Instead, seeking something new and different (for me anyway) I decided to let fortune have a say and so put up an ad up on Kijiji. Very happily I got an intrigued response from Jeff Frank, whose rich synth grooves and analogue noisemaking capacities were exactly what I was looking for as a foundation for my saxophonic and poetic explorations. We joined forces and soon I brought aboard Scott Warren, a wonderfully unpredictable drummer and  analogue noisemaker extraordinaire. Together we have composed an hour of music and I cannot wait to start performing it.


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