Conflict Between OS1, OS2 and OS3 on Display at Walrus Talk

The Walrus Talk at the Canadian Museum of Nature on Thursday night took The Arctic as its theme, and the evening was as inspiring and illuminating as previous events in this ambitious national series. It also demonstrated with stunning clarity the conflict between communications cultures that is my main topic on this blog. As usual,…Read more Conflict Between OS1, OS2 and OS3 on Display at Walrus Talk

Making Meaning Around the World

What does a book mean in Cuba? A cell phone in Iran? What do the millions of miles of fibreoptic cable wound round the earth mean to you, to me? How are those meanings changing? How are our changing tools changing our world? Changing us? These questions concern artists in every corner of the world,…Read more Making Meaning Around the World

Ottawa’s Feral Choir : skyrrxifliggrzbtnmlif

Thanks Max. Thanks Phil. Max is Max Middle, poetic curator, and Phil is Phil Minton, veteran vocal confabulator from the land beyond the sea and maestro of Ottawa's briefly resplendent Feral Choir, which I was part of, one of 25 growling, howling vocalists in sensible shoes. (Nikes in my case. Phil wore Chinese slippers.)  We…Read more Ottawa’s Feral Choir : skyrrxifliggrzbtnmlif

Index of first 50 posts on “You Are Your Media” blog

Hi. This post lists and links to my first 50 posts on this blog, indexing 50 brief critical essays on contemporary media culture. Topics include The Leveson Inquiry, Occupy Wall Street, Privacy, Music, Food, Economics and more. Try one. 1. Happy Birth Day! my blog is born 2. Gifts and Books, Books and Gifts books as…Read more Index of first 50 posts on “You Are Your Media” blog

Media Circus – revisiting radical TV criticism

In 1974, Ontario's public broadcaster (OECA) launched a unique experiment in live broadcasting and media criticism. Media Circus was 90-minutes of live commercial-free analysis of 'what is on TV right now'. Until recently it was believed that no recordings of this groundbreaking TV series existed, but recently a copy of the first episode came into…Read more Media Circus – revisiting radical TV criticism

Global Freezing

It occurs to me that if the result of climate change was 'global freezing' rather than 'global warming' we'd be paying a LOT more attention to it. If instead of recent years being the hottest on record they were the coldest, people would be sitting up and taking notice. People don't like the cold. A…Read more Global Freezing

Larrikin Music + Copyright = R.I.P. Greg Ham

EDIT to this post: as you'll see if you check the comments to this post, someone has informed me that in fact the Girl Scouts/Guides had nothing to do with the suing of Men at Work and in fact it was an Australian publishing company called Larrikin Music that pursued the suit. I apologize to…Read more Larrikin Music + Copyright = R.I.P. Greg Ham