Index of first 50 posts on “You Are Your Media” blog

Hi. This post lists and links to my first 50 posts on this blog, indexing 50 brief critical essays on contemporary media culture. Topics include The Leveson Inquiry, Occupy Wall Street, Privacy, Music, Food, Economics and more. Try one.

1. Happy Birth Day! my blog is born
2. Gifts and Books, Books and Gifts books as relationships
3. Public Gifting as Good Times and Good Business more reflections on gift economies
4. Slammin’ featuring a video of my poem Obamastan
5. Array of Words and The Manilla Street Kid Digital Gift Economy tribes on the move
6. Giving, Giving, Gone – A Gift Edition Update who got my book and why
7. Literate Debt in the Digital Age literate culture has mortgaged our future
8. Digital Bridges to a Sustainable Future – Part 1 how digital media can prevent ecocide
9. Digital Bridges to a Sustainable Future – Part 2 further thoughts on sustainable media
10. More News From the Frontlines – Digital Dakar Some African digitalisms
11. Excerpts From A Discussion About DIY Education critical musings from the iDC (Institute for Distributed Creativity) listserv
12. The Publication Studio – an Interactivist Publisher! books as raw social materials
13. Printers Printing Humans the implications of organic biomaterials
14. The Gift Edition Goes Out launch of the Gift Edition of my book, You Are Your Media
15. What You Know vs. Who You Know reflections on media ecosystems and efficiency
16. iDC post #2: DIY: nightmare for humanities, social sciences, media the ecocidal character of academic epistemology
17. Post-Literate Capitalism and The Stock Markets of Doom networked markets
18. Earth Heroes on Parliament Hill fighting the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway Pipelines with concentric circles
19. O Canada – the black gold remix an annotated anthem for arrestees on Parliament Hill
20. Killer Cows and You milk as intellectual property and the biology of resistance
21. Wall Street Occupied by Interactivists the occupation of Fort Monologue. first report.
22. Public Gifting in Wellington West businesses give good business
23. The Foundering Fathers is literate democracy under siege?
24. I’m Going Gifting @ Occupy Wall Street. Want To Join Me? an action
25. The Army of Love and Software – NY update 1 at Mobility Shifts and in the streets
26. Students talk IP @ New School meeting some smart but scared kids
27. My Mobility Shifts Talk text of a poetic lecture I gave at The New School on post-literate education and the earth
28. Occupying Wall Street – The Bad, The Good and The Uncertain Part 1 – The Bad
29. Occupying Wall Street – The Bad, The Good and the Uncertain – Part 2 The Good
30. Occupy Wall Street – The Bad, The Good and the Uncertain – Part 3 The Uncertain
31. Occupy The Internet! as stated
32. David Suzuki Gets It Right @ Occupy Vancouver also as stated
33. Tunisian Revolutionary Slim Amamou Breaks Down OS3 Culture deep media insights from the Arab Spring
34. Make The Most of Your Media the media you produce is not an end but a beginning
35. Jazz Wisdom for the Digital Age #1 – Acknowledge Others – the rules of collective improvised conversation
36. John Giorno & R.E.M. Make Love John Giorno is one of my favourite people
37. Free Bradley Manning! This is what democracy looks like
38. Gig tonight with Alan Gerber we’re on a mission from dog
39. Lintotineh! Bemagatineh! Gesultineh! Shirley Bear and Alan Gerber making whoopee
40. Radicalizing Kids kids need to do it for themselves
41. Put an End to Terminal Thinking stories are beginnings and not ends
42. Playing Misty For Ringo (A Dove) an ornithological lullabye
43. Basketball Business as Black Revolution? what might have been (for better or worse)
44. Gig at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal Sunday night a show at Wired on Words
45. Is There Life (or creative desktop software) After Photoshop? the off-the-shelf creative cupboard is bare
46. Phone Hacking and Digital Culture dirt is a kind word
47. When Bad Things Happen to Good Bassists goodness and badness in Montreal
48. Phone Hacking and the Future of Privacy predatory media tactics and digital culture
49. Phone Hackers vs Facebook – the Future of Privacy Part 2 surveillance under the microscope
50. Franky Rousseau Large Band – Terrific Jazz By Any Other Name such as Post-Modern Canadian music

Plus 10 Bonus Posts!

51. Jazz: An Unfinished Conversation (Race and Language in the Digital Age) jazz and race and the technology of writing
52. Where The Bears Go – The John Waynes improvised piano and poetry
53. The Evil I by The John Waynes more improvised piano and poetry
54. Improvising Poetry and Our Digital Future breaking down The John Waynes
55. Bradley Manning’s Day In Court free bradley manning!
56. Empathy and Technology – Damned Journalists ’nuff said
57. Remembering A Cosmic Christmas thank you youtube
58. Get Back to Your Post! a little wake up call
59. Organizational Reorientation = Personal Reorientation feedback loops between OS1 and OS3
60. A Better Way to Occupy we chose the wrong tools. what were the right ones?

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