Index of first 50 posts on “You Are Your Media” blog

Hi. This post lists and links to my first 50 posts on this blog, indexing 50 brief critical essays on contemporary media culture. Topics include The Leveson Inquiry, Occupy Wall Street, Privacy, Music, Food, Economics and more. Try one. 1. Happy Birth Day! my blog is born 2. Gifts and Books, Books and Gifts books as…Read more Index of first 50 posts on “You Are Your Media” blog

A Better Way to Occupy

Yesterday I introduced the idea that the greatest transformative potential for any social initiative lies in creating feedback loops between OS1 and OS3. By OS1 I mean oral culture and technologies and by OS3 I mean digital culture and technologies. I also said that in order to effectively implement such strategies, which I refer to…Read more A Better Way to Occupy

Improvising Poetry and Our Digital Future

A couple days ago I posted a recording called Where The Bears Go by my duo The John Waynes (so named because it consists of John Sobol (me) and Wayne Kelso). Today I posted a second recording by The John Waynes called The Evil I. For those keeping score, Where The Bears Go is a…Read more Improvising Poetry and Our Digital Future

Basketball Business as Black Revolution?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is in trouble. The league locked out the players months ago, bargaining has failed, and now the players have disbanded their union and are taking the league to court to contest the most basic notions of player-league business relations. Things like player drafts and even the notion of 'owning a…Read more Basketball Business as Black Revolution?

Jazz Wisdom for the Digital Age #1 – Acknowledge Others

Jazz musicians are extremely skilled collaborators. Jazz musicians who are complete strangers can create thoughtful and beautiful new music together in an instant. This is partly because they share a language but more importantly because they share a dialogical skillset. They have mastered the rules of collective improvised conversation between strangers. Whereas those of us…Read more Jazz Wisdom for the Digital Age #1 – Acknowledge Others

David Suzuki Gets It Right @ Occupy Vancouver

I have been talking about the need for leadership from the digital sphere to offer new models and strategies for the Occupy movement, strategies that are not reactive and not based on 'fixing' the existing financial system. But we also need leadership from oral elders who can reorient the Occupy movement away from self-defeating aims…Read more David Suzuki Gets It Right @ Occupy Vancouver

Occupy The Internet!

The OWS movement keeps growing. More and more people keep celebrating resistance, protesting against corporate greed, getting arrested, speechifying, and making excellent media. Yesterday some Egyptians who had been involved in the Tahrir Square revolution put in an appearance and further stoked the flames of inspiration. Huzzah! Yet I worry. For all their energy, the…Read more Occupy The Internet!