Donald Trump and the Immaturity of OS3 Politics

Oral Culture = OS1      Literate Culture = OS2      Networked Culture = OS3 The rise of Donald Trump can be usefully understood as a product of the disruptive collision of oral, literate and digital cultures, or what I call OS1, OS2 and OS3, aka the Operating Systems (OS) of human civilization. That collision is the defining…Read more Donald Trump and the Immaturity of OS3 Politics

Semicentennial Sounds

I turn 50 today. Ta-da! Not such a big deal to me, but hey, it's an excuse to share this little compilation of some 21 recordings from my lifetime as a musician and performing poet that I have recently compiled in a SoundCloud page. The tracks date from 1981 to 2013, and cover some of…Read more Semicentennial Sounds