Semicentennial Sounds

Playing with one of my artistic heroes, Steve Lacy, 1994
Playing with one of my artistic heroes, Steve Lacy, 1994

I turn 50 today. Ta-da! Not such a big deal to me, but hey, it’s an excuse to share this little compilation of some 21 recordings from my lifetime as a musician and performing poet that I have recently compiled in a SoundCloud page. The tracks date from 1981 to 2013, and cover some of the bands I’ve played with. There were many other recordings that were lost – albums that were never released, radio broadcasts, remixes and live recordings – and of course a great many bands with whom I never recorded at all, but after several decades of playing and speaking into microphones, these are a few of the tracks that I still have lying around. I can say with honest gratitude that there are a ton of truly amazing musicians on these recordings, and I hope they all know how much fun I had playing with them. Hopefully I can add another couple dozen tracks when my 100th birthday rolls around…Cheers!

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