Media League Championship Countdown – Day 1

Wow. What an exciting game filled with talented young artists and enthusiastic fans of their awesome artworks. That’s what The Media League is all about!

With a little over 24 hours left JP Stevens (28,965 points) has extended its league after regaining it from Power On (22,773 points) 2 days ago. Meanwhile North Point High is hanging around within striking distance (21,724) while Life in Pixels sits in 4th place (16,428 points). And yet as we have seen things can change quickly. Is Power On preparing one more big push? Will JP Stevens put the petal to metal and run away with the title? Are North Point or Life in Pixels planning a last minute community celebration to drive to the championship? In a little over 24 hours we’ll know!

Make your voice heard now on the Media League website or by sharing your favorite game Media on facebook or any other social network. Every time you do it scores points for that team. So get busy!


But before we crown a champion The Media League is announcing right here and right now that we will be running as Summer Season! That’s right, and unlike the regular season our Summer Season will be open to any high school student who wants to enter, regardless of whether or not you have a team or a coach. In other words, you can be your own team if you want. Or you can build a super-team with your friends. But either way, the season will be open to all aspiring young artists. More on this soon, but we wanted to drop the news now so everyone gets a heads up that the Media League Summer Season is on its way…


This year we have been so lucky to have welcomed talented young people from several countries and many different schools to this inaugural season of The Media League. Teachers have organized teams, players have worked their tails off to produce wicked videos, paintings, photos, songs, poems, graphics and more. We want to thank ALL of you. Not just the finalists, not just the teams in the playoffs, but everyone who played in any of our games, decked out a profile page, spread the word at school or online. The Media League is here for YOU and we hope you’ve enjoyed our mutual creation. We know that we can make the Media League better. And we plan to. And we welcome all your comments and feedback and suggestions as soon as the season ends. But first, we encourage all of you to take the time to visit the site one more time and help us determine the most worthy team from among the 4 very worthy finalists.

Thanks for everything. We can’t wait for tomorrow!!

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