Digital Bridges to a Sustainable Future – Part 2

I promised some magic beans in yesterday’s post, Part 1. But after careful consideration I figured my magic beans shouldn’t be just written words. That’s fighting fire with fire, which just creates more fire. So I decided to fight fire with water, more fluid, less predictable, less ‘architectural’ but more nourishing by far. There may be a Part 3 that returns to writing, but for now…it’s time for my own blend of OS1 and OS3, of oral and digital culture:

The music on this video was recorded live at cafe Pazzazz in Val-David in 2006. It features me on sax, along with my friends Laurent Belec (e. gtr), Tom Sokolow (drums), Richard St-Aubin (a. gtr), Francois Myrand (bs) and Felix Leroux (perc). You can read more about that band here:

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