The Gift Edition Goes Out

“It is better to give than to receive” goes the old adage, and today I feel it is very much true. Although I hope that tomorrow – or whenever these books I am sending out today arrive on your doorstep – that you will be equally pleased to receive! For today I am sending out 20 copies of the Gift Edition of You Are Your Media. The Gift Edition is an exercise in Public Gifting.

Here is a picture of the book’s cover, which – for better or worse, given my limited skills – I designed myself. Having my son Louis show me how the Gradient tool works on Photoshop helped a lot!

This gift is going out to the following people:

Freddy Nyiti (my former biz partner, statesman and visionary, Tanzania)
Michel Bauwens (peer-to-peer philosopher and activist extraordinaire, Thailand)
Franco Iacomella (whom I have only just met electronically, but who has been a very active explorer of open source culture and technologies, Argentina)
Yves Archambault (adventurous alt-athlete, autonomous entrepreneur and old friend, Canada)
Clelia Marsadie (bodypainter with mad skills and smiles, Canada)
Array of Words (poet, teacher and traveler, Canada)
Nagarjuna Gadiraju (another new quasi-acquaintance via this blog, Gnowgi is the Chairman of the Free Software Foundation of India, India)
Anya Kamenetz (author of the Edupunk’s Guide and DIY U, USA)
Doug Belshaw (is completing his Thesis on Digital Literacies at Durham University, England)
Su Sheedy (amazing encaustic artist and sis-in-law, Canada)
Trebor Scholz (founder of the Institute for Distributed Creativity, USA)
Hans Bongers (master of quantum physical education, Canada)
Ana Serrano (Director of the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab, Canada)
Amadou (guide to Senegal and explorer of Canada)
Brahm Eiley (President of The Convergence Consulting Group and old pal, Canada)
Sandra Moondancer (mom and mystic, Canada)
Matthew Stadler (The Publication Studio, USA)
John Giorno (Saint, superfreak, poet, USA)

and last but not least I will be sending copies to two people who don’t know me at all but whose words I have used to open You Are Your Media: Vandana Shiva (Director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, India) and Julian Jonker, (South African lawyer and cultural activist).

Thanks to you all for all your good will! I hope you enjoy the book..

Meanwhile, to everyone else looking to get their hands on a copy, you’ll just have to wait until they are on sale. Which – I hope – will be very soon. Or keep visiting this blog. You never know when a second Gift Edition may appear…

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