Media League Championship Countdown – Day 4

4 days and 11 hours left (as of this writing) in the Championship Game and North Point High School (7581 points) holds a slowly growing lead over John P Stevens (6506 points), with Life In Pixels (2836) and Power On (2668) currently sitting a ways back. But no lead is safe, as any school’s Media Team can make a huge leap forward if it can gather the full support of its student body. So get busy, finalists!

Meanwhile, the other big news of the day is the sudden and strong entry of Life in Pixels into the Championship Game. Let’s take a closer look at the Life in Pixels Media Team

Based in Crossfield, Alberta, a little north of Calgary, Life in Pixels is the Media Team of WG Murdoch High School in the Rockyview School District. Life in Pixels was one of the first teams to join the Media League. It’s coached by art teacher Vern Gray and Assistant Coach Kelsi J, who is also a key contributor to the team. During the regular season Life In Pixels battled valiantly with provincial rivals Power On in the Lightweight Conference,  ultimately finishing 2nd and earning their way into the playoffs, and eventually the Finals.


All 3 of Life in Pixels’ Game Media in the Finals share an aesthetic sensibility. For one thing, all 3 pieces were created digitally, so they have a certain visual feel. But they also all have a sort of dry sense of humour embedded in them, even when the message is serious. For example, Love is Genderless is at once a striking socio-political statement about love and a playful culture-jamming of the most banal cliche – the little stock figures atop a wedding cake. This characters are really well-rendered, with the soft focus and pinkish background accentuating the political message by reminding us that queer love is just as corny and romantically goofy as straight love. It’s also a highly relevant image as prom week approaches…

our loveMeanwhile Our Love is an ambiguous anime-style take on love. Are they severing their love or rejoining it? Maybe they don’t even know, just as in real life we often confuse love’s comings and goings. The way the two lovers are staring at their fingers instead of into each other’s eyes almost suggests that love exists as something beyond themselves, a very ancient idea that we refer to every time we talk about ‘falling in’ love!

C9O0MT639-1Last but not least comes this dark vision of love with a title that accentuates its dry (or bloody) humour. This Is For You kind of says it all. Here’s my heart. Take it. It’s broken. It’s a tragic take on one of life’s most brutal feelings, yet the matter-of-factness of the heart in the hand, as if the suit was delivering a memo and not his heart in his hand, makes it all the more poignant and rather funny too.

All in all Life In Pixels have added joy and imagination and critical thought (and lots of pink!) to this final round, as well as a whole lot of creative effort. Way to go Life In Pixels!

And remember, if you like these works and want to see others then get on over to The Media League website where you can see, rate and share them all!

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