Media League Championship Countdown – Day 5

With just 5 days left before the championship of the 2012-13 Media League season is decided, North Point High School from Waldorf, Maryland has vaulted into the lead of this Championship Game with (as of this writing) 2912 points. John P Stevens, the favourite heading into the final game, is in 2nd place with 2765 points and Power On is in 3rd with 2296. And still Life in Pixels are holding their fire. Do they have some kind of secret plan or are they just busy with exams? Time will tell…

Let’s take a quick look at the North Point Media Team and its Finals Game Media. North Point has 12 players and its strength is visual arts. The team has 2 coaches (art teacher Patrick Anders and Sarah Dohne) and 3 Assistant Coaches, and is led by Joy H, Alexander K and David W.

81XUQY634The theme of the Championship game is LOVE, and North Point has uploaded Game Media that explores love in 3 different media. The first, by Joy H, is a Photoshopped treatment of a photo called Baby, Light My Fire, and it definitely captures the incandescent glow of a passionate kiss, the swirling yellow in the lovers’ hair seemingly burning with swirling brushstrokes. It’s a gorgeous portait.


Next from North Point is a mysterious canvas called Love Takes Flight by David W, a bold and impressionistic painting that seems both very familiar and yet strange and intriguing. The form suggests four cardinals lifting a blue heart into a green tree, and yet like a surrealist’s illustration the red and green shapes are also abstract, and the blue heart pulsing with colour suggests both superficial valentines and deeper realms of love in nature and in the imagination.

Last but not least North Point’s Murugi has uploaded an original video called The Faults in our Stars, based on the novel of the same name by John Green.

The video chronicles a love affair, and although the elements of that relationship are familiar, the video has a lovely sense of pacing, thoughtful cinematography and uses some very effective editing effects to express intimacy and togetherness. Collectively, the North Point Media Team has delivered a fine set of Game Media that explores the theme with skill, inspiration and ingenuity. Congrats to North Point! But as they already know, to score points you need not just great artwork but great audiences, so now their challenge is to promote their work in their school. And if you like these works then you too can get on over to The Media League website and rate and share them.

Now that we’ve seen what North Point can do it will be fun to see how the other finalists respond…check back tomorrow for an update as we profile our finalists…!

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