Get Back to Your Post!

Hello blogophiles,

I have returned refreshed from my holiday hiatus. So tomorrow you will be returned to your regularly scheduled program hereabouts, consisting of a moderately steady stream of insights into how and why You Are Your Media.

This past year, my first on this blogging platform, I enjoyed straying at times into somewhat tangential subject matter, and based on viewer metrics these occasional sidesteppings were appreciated. But this year I intend to focus more on my primary message and methodology, explaining the ongoing collision between oral, literate and digital media cultures that is reshaping our world at both the macro and micro levels, and how these conflicts are affecting each of us.

It’s a big job, but as they say, someone has to do it. And once again, based on the steadily increasing traffic on this blog, it seems that at least some of you enjoy my attempts to break down our evolving situation into byte-sized bites. So I will continue.

Til tomorrow then. In the meantime, happy new year!

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