Gigs – Recent and Upcoming

Been gigging steadily lately. April gigs included a wedding with my awesome soul band The Funktion, a punk show at Babylon with my rowdy noise-trio Caymans and another gig with The Funktion last Friday at The Rainbow. All were excellent, if exhausting. March gigs included Montreal’s Coolfest and Treehouse Talks in Toronto.

Next up is The Velvet Room with The Funktion on May 4. If you are anywhere near Ottawa and like to shake your booty then that is the place to be next Friday night. We do it up right with 3 supremely soulful singers, no less than 5 funky horns and the relentlessly rocksolid Funktion rhythm section. Leave it all on the dance floor baby…

Phil Minton feeling feral

After that I’ll be performing as part of Phil Minton’s Feral Choir on Saturday May 12 at Ottawa’s Church of The Evangelist. Phil is a legendary vocalist/sound poet who has played with all kinds of avant-gardists around the world. This should be a lot of fun. Note that the Feral Choir project is open to all.

Tim Brady - "Brady is a true mad scientist of guitar sound" HOUR

And then on May 23rd I’m in Montreal at L’Envers, with guitarist Tim Brady. Tim and I will be doing a totally improvised set with me on vocals. We have never gigged together before but Tim and I have been collaborating on words and music for – gulp – close to 20 years now. Which has resulted in the production of one full-length multimedia opera called The Salome Dancer (2005), and a second opera in the works, this one called The Explosion of the Island of Krakatau. Tim is an extraordinary and widely acclaimed guitarist and composer who is rarely heard in this sort of intimate and totally free context. And what I will do is improvise poetically over Tim’s music, as I did on these recordings with Wayne Kelso. If you’re in Montreal, come on down…

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