Media League Championship Countdown – Day 7

For the past year I have been privileged to act as the Commissioner of The Media League, _0000_LEAGUE-CHAMPIONthe world’s first competitive creativity league for high schools. And as I write this there are but 7 days left in The Media League Finals. 7 days to determine the very first Media League Champions! May the best team win!

Over the next 7 days I will be counting down this final game with a daily blog post. Follow the action – or better yet get in on the action – by visiting The Media League website, where you can view and share and (if you are a high school student) rate the media you find, and in so doing help determine the ultimate winners! (Remember, teams get points based on both the quality of their work and the quantity of views and shares it gets.)

9 Media Teams representing high schools from across North America made the playoffs and 4 of them are in the Finals, each of which will soon enter 3 pieces of Game Media in the final game. And I’ll be introducing you to those teams and their awesome work in my next post, but in the meantime I wanted to introduce you to some of the talented teams that didn’t make it into the playoffs but who were a big part of The Media League’s 2012-13 season.

For example, there were the Media Warriors, from Vidal M. Trevino School from Laredo, Texas, right on the famed Rio Bravo. Coached by Effie Maldonado, the Media Warriors overcame some firewall issues at school to create and contribute a pair of very cool pieces, including this video called Get Your Fashion Back, which scored a 3.95 in Game 2 – Living Fashion.

Thanks, Media Warriors! You got game!

Then there were The Imaginators, from Country Prep High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. Coached by Heather Warfel, The Imaginators introduced themselves early in the year with this moody video:

and then came back later in the season with this sick hiphop track, which scored a monumental 4.75 in Game 6 – Street Life. The Imaginators always kept it real and we look forward to seeing them back next year!

Something British, from Kesgrave High School in Ipswich, England, added an international flavor to the season with a series of fun commentaries on ‘The Messed Up Society’

and more. Coached by Mr Race, Something British started strong and did the UK proud. Congratulations Kesgravians!

Meanwhile, Made in Canada, from Howard S. Billings High School in Chateauguay, D34424460Quebec, showed versatility and creativity throughout the season. Coached by Paul Couture, the Made in Canada Media Team produced videos, poems, photographs and drawings, including A Galaxy of Awe (right) for Game 3 – Imagine Science. Nice work Made in Canada. Represent!

All in all, we saw some deeply personal art and real inspiration, as well as a lot of raw talent from our players this year. The Media League salutes each of the teams listed here and each of the players on those teams. We hope you’re checking out the Finals and will be back for our the 2013-14 season. Because…there’s always next year!

Thanks Coaches! Thanks Media Teams! Keep making your media!

Yours, the commish…

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