Coolfest Was Cool!

So a while back I came across an ad on a musician’s website here in Ottawa for a ‘beach-thrash’ band looking for a horn player. Needless to say, being the musically curious soul I am, I answered it. And so it was that I recently performed with Caymans at Montreal’s Coolfest 12, an excellent microfestival at a loft called La Brique in Montreal, a welcoming creative environment that serves as home to a collective of about 40 artists, many of whom are key members of Montreal’s ever-expanding DIY noise scene. As part of their friendly festival some members of the collective also cooked up some wondrously gourmet meals for the 75 or so attendees. I found it all eminently civilized and deranged (in the best sense) at the same time.

Caymans consists of me on tenor/baritone sax, Blake Hargreaves on guitar and vocals, and Joni Sadler on drums. We play…um…weird loud noise pop…or something…suffice to say, we rock. Our next gig is next week at Babylon in Ottawa. Skinheads in bikinis – and all others – are welcome. This is a pic of us at Coolfest…

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